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10 Simple Steps to Affiliate Program Success

Copyright © 2003 by Howard Berenbon

If you have a Web site with lots of traffic, or just a little traffic with hopes of attracting tons of visitors in the near future, you should consider joining a few affiliate programs and place their attractive banners on your site.  Many Webmasters, realizing that visitors can mean money on the Internet if you know what you're doing, have raced off to the affiliate program directories to learn about the best profit sharing programs on the Internet.  Some Webmasters are actually making a living with the affiliate programs they've hosted on their pages, and you can do it to.   Here are a few simple tips, okay, 10 steps, to help you get started on the right affiliate foot (no pun intended) to profit sharing on the Internet.

1. Sign Up for Affiliate Programs that Appeal to Your Audience

Sign up for affiliate programs that appeal your Web site audience.  If your site is business oriented, place business related affiliate program banners on your pages, not online casino gambling banners.  However, if your Web site is a gambling newsletter then online casino gambling banners would be appropriate because it would appeal to your visitors.

2. Pick High Paying Affiliate Programs

Choose the highest paying affiliate programs.  You'll earn more money faster with the higher paying programs and those that pay you pennies on the dollar.  Some programs only pay 5 percent (or less) of their sales to their affiliates, while others pay 20 percent or more. It's best to use your Web space wisely, so pick those programs that pay the most.  I always choose the highest paying affiliate programs.

3.  Place Affiliate Banners at the Top of Your Site

If you have the space, place your affiliate program banners near the top of your pages and on as many of your pages you can.  That will guarantee every visitor a glimpse and increase your chance of a commission.

4. Don't Over Populate Your Pages

Don't over populate your pages with tons of affiliate banners.  Pick two, three or four high paying affiliate programs instead.  Too many programs will confuse your visitor and lead to less sales.  Also, you don't want to clutter your pages with banners and distract from the purpose of your Web site.

5. Promote Your Site to the Search Engines

Submitting your site to all the popular search engines and other Internet directory sources can increase your traffic and your affiliate program sales. The more visitors you have, the more commissions you'll generate.

6.  Use Opt-in Mailing Lists

If you have an opt-in mailing list, e-mail information about your affiliate programs to your list.  This can generate more sales then from the one-time search engine visitor because they're already interested in what you offer at your site.  This is also a great way to promote sub-affiliates.  Sub-affiliates are those people who sign up for affiliate programs under your name and generate commissions for you from their participation.

7.  Never Use Bulk E-mail List to Promote Your Web Site

Never use bulk e-mail lists to promote your affiliate programs.  This type of promotion is considered spam and will likely get you removed from the affiliate program you're promoting.  Opt-in mailing lists are fine, but unsolicited e-mail is prohibited.

8.  Check Your Affiliate Statistics Daily

Check your affiliate program statistics daily.  Most will include traffic generated by your banner link as well as sales.  If the traffic generated is low, you can try to increase the number by e-mailing promotional letters to your opt-in list.  Another option is to improve your search engine traffic by paying for key words specific to your site, or paying to have your pages optimized for best search engines ranking.

9. Promote Products and Services You Would Use

Promote affiliate program products and services you would use yourself.  It's easier to write letters to your opt-in list if you believe in a product or service rather than trying to sell something you're not interested in or opposed to.  For example, there are a number of online casino affiliate programs paying large commissions, but if you're opposed to casino gambling you couldn't promote that affiliate program honestly.

10.  Rotate or Change Your Banners

And finally, rotate or change your affiliate program banners often.  Move the banners around on your Web pages, and also remove or replace those programs that are not performing as well as others.  This is where reviewing the daily program statistics is important.  Some programs you thought would generate lots of sales because of a perfect audience match, may turn out to generate no or little sales, while other programs may surprise you on the commissions they're generating.